Packing List


Your packing list.

Download our full trip guide below.


We have prepared a complete packing list for our guests which can be found in our Trip Guide. We recommend downloading and/or printing our Trip Guide prior to your trip.

Our packing list includes:

  • Important items to bring
  • Food recommendations
  • Beverage recommendations
  • Shore lunch kits
  • Utensils needed
  • Personal items
  • Fishing equipment
  • Tackle

Prior to departure, review your packing list with your party so you don’t forget important clothing items, food items & fishing gear.

*Do not pack more than you need and remember: Large duffle bags are difficult to load on the plane – you have a maximum of 75 lbs/person including food allowed on your flight.

*Use of dry bags to pack your clothes is a great idea as the weather does not always cooperate

*Guests are required to remove all garbage and waste when they leave. We ask that you give the cabin a thorough cleaning when you leave.