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More than 90 days Notice

If your reservation is cancelled more than 90 days from your scheduled arrival, we will refund all funds paid, less trip deposit. The retained deposit may be applied to another trip in the same or following calendar year.

Less than 90 days Notice

If your reservation is cancelled less than 90 days prior to your arrival date, your DEPOSIT AND ALL MONIES PAID will be forfeited,

Simple, you bring all your food, clothes, bedding and fishing gear. The cabin has a good supply of dishes, cooking surfaces, fridge, freezer, outdoor bbq(remember this is all powered by solar energy so no microwave or crock pot). Boats, motors, fuel, life jackets, paddles, maps are ready for you. There is a shower house, filleting shack and additional freezing facilities down at the dock.

*Remember you are allowed 50 lbs /person on the plane. This includes food, fishing gear, bedding and clothing.   

There is no right or wrong answer to when the best time is for walleye and northern pike fishing.  Every month of our fly in fishing season offers different weather, colors, and fish activity. If you are not fond of the cold, then late June-through August is your ideal fishing time. If you want color then late August is your choice as fall color is in full view. If you like walleye, beginning of June is your choice time.  Monster trophy Northern Pike, June, mid July-through August.  You will not be disappointed.
Brownell or Kvamsing Lakes do not require a fishing guide for you to enjoy our fisheries. In fact most guest prefer to explore our Boreal lakes on their own. With these lakes dropping a hook anywhere will give you an excellent chance to get a bite. If navigating a boat does not sound ideal to you or you just want a carefree day of fly in fishing, a friendly and knowledgeably fishing guide is available with advance notice.
While many fishing lodges have upwards of 40+ guests at a time, making the most secluded place feel crowded. We take a different approach, smaller lodge- max occupancy of 16 guests at Brownell Lake- 6 in each cabin – 6 guests in Kvamsing Lake. You can reserve the whole camp at Brownell Lake with a group of 12. Minimum group of 4 in Kvamsing Lake

No laundry facilities so please take along ample clothing for all weather conditions. Have a look at the guest review section for ideas on your packing list!

NO…. fish 100 feet off the docks for one hour (and by the way this spot can produce monsters) or fish 12 hours a day exploring the lakes.

Brownell Kvamsing currently does not furnish depth finders. We do provide detailed lamented fisheries map of our waters. Usually, 1 out of 20 guests bring a fish finder. If you plan on purchasing a depth finder for your trip, we suggest buying an inexpensive simple fish finder that preforms basic depth reading.

Yes, although it is limited you can access the internet on both Brownell and Kvamsing Lakes. We of course recommend only using the internet for emergencies or critical calls, remember you are on holidays!